Monday, February 16, 2009

Tradezone and the MABRA BAR party

Saturday I wanted to do the double, the 7am and the 10am, but in a gesture to keep good-boy points I opted out of the 10am and did Valentines day stuff instead. I guess it paid the half day paid off cause I felt like I was flying at Tradezone on Sunday.

I only had two teammates, Dave Fuentes and Brian Butts (with a camera on his head). The first lap we sat at the back talking, then out of nowhere Dave attacked. Everybody in the race reacted and quickly brought him back. Not to let his effort go in vain, I attacked and brought with me a DC Velo. After a lap, we were caught. Right when we were caught, I went again with Brian Fouche (ABRT?). Dave Fuentes, Evan Fader (Richmond Pro) and some dude in red.

Sometime during the rotation in the first few laps the dude in red went back to the field to see how things were going. Brian F was not missing pulls, but kept comming through spinning hell of fast like he was in his small ring and Evan was ridding his cross bike with cross gearing. After 2 or 3 laps of this I felt we were not going fast enough to make the break stick so I took a long hard pull to motivate everyone. When I moved over to let the next guy come though there was no one there. Luckily I was only off by myself for a little less than a lap when I saw Dave comming up by himself so I sat up and waited for him. The next time we saw any riders it was the back of the main field on the last lap.

The MABRA BAR party at Sonoma was fun. I love re-meeting other cyclist (in normal clothes) while show-casing my goofyness through the filter of several beers. We rode back from tradezone, and I didn't have time to go home and shower or get clothes so I had to wear what was in the back of my car. For a second I was self concious when every one started showing up all dressed up, but whatever, two YingLings later I completly forgot what I was wearing. I spent most of my time mingleing with Don Saroff, Christopher Regan and Art Brown - man that made me feel young! Just Kidding, but no really...Eli is a great host and the people in MABRA are collectivly fun and cool. There needs to be more parties in this district! I laughed alot, made fun of people, got made fun of, laughed some more and even watched the Gay Bike Racer try to break the restaurants porcelin with beer bottles!

Looks like there will be a bunch of bad weather days next week, so I will be taking them off, inside with the trainer, not riding that thing cause I hate it, but it will be inside and so will I. If its not wet outside, I might see you at the point.


  1. I heard Dave was pulling you around the entire race?

  2. You said you wore whatever was in your car.... did that consist of those socks that you'd worn 3 times?

  3. So you guys ride away from the A race at Tradezone, but then half those guys that were in that race end up killing it at the North Carolina Road Race...what gives? You guys that much better than the North Carolina scene??? ;)

    Great job, but we're still gunning for you guys...

  4. Forget bout trade zone...more of those events to deal was the party...was it like one entry and open bar or 7 dollar stella artois..or what..oh and some ladies..I have never attended even when I was third in 123 but maybe I should revise my take on the bar race party..I think Eli must put on a good event though. Sorry I missed it.