Thursday, February 19, 2009


Before the lunch ride at Hains Point I always put in 3 to 4 hours. Today after turning from Seneca onto River road my rear derailler cable broke inside the lever and I was suddenly stuck in my 53x13. I have heared horror stories of what happens when your cable breaks there with the head being stuck in the break making the whole lever unservicable. That's the last thing I need, I do not have any money for new equipment! Except for the fact that I had an insane tail wind the whole way down River road and MacArthur, the ride sucked. I was worried how I was going to afford to get a new lever, and the little hills on river were kicking my butt in that huge gear. Except on the hills, I was FLYING - I love a good tail wind.

I have onlt been in the Bicycle Pro Shop once, when I put some air in my tire and was on my way. These guys were pretty cool, almost as cool as that Spokes ect shop off of GW parkway. I went strait back to the shop, and asked for a cable. After I got it, I asked for some advice regarding my situation. He said "don't shift, or you will never get it out." Too late, I shifted - many times out of habbit. He offered to look at it and was surprised not to see the head in there. He went and got a flash light, and still couldn't see it. "I think it fell out, and if it did, that is the first time I ever heard of that! 9 out of 10 times, you have to get a new lever." The other mechanic came over and looked surprised too. "Do you mind fixing it then?"

So, instead of costing over $200, it cost me a little over $4. Thank God, the Bicycle Pro Shop and whatever elf or genee that plucked that thing out of my lever.

They fixed it so fast I even made it to the most windy lunch ride ever. Wow, 30+ down the front side, and I dont know on the back cause I was too busy holding my bars and fighting the wind. What a great workout.


  1. Same thing happened to a friend on a trip to Jay's Barn last fall. The thing wouldn't come out for love or money no matter what I did to it, and it wouldn't shift to a spot where I could access the head to get it out. Then all of a sudden it just happened and the head fell out and we put a new cable in and hunky dory. Others elsewhere must be paying for this good fortune.

  2. werent you at the point last Friday when the wind was blowing 60mph?

  3. Chuck,
    Was that the reason you were hammering away at the Point dropping everyone even in 30-50 MPH wind gusts.

    I don't think you need gears anyway. Just stick to your two speed.

    By the way... what are you eating these days? You're crushing everyone, except for a couple other Harley riders.

    Don't answer..I found out!! LOL


  4. it crazy that a racer of your caliber has to sweat buying a shifter lever.
    wont your team just pony up and give you something so simple. its not like your asking for a set of 808's or something..shhhheeesh dont work for free!!!

  5. I'd really like to say that's the reason you punished me so bad in that break on saturday-that you have a new cable and are shifiting smoother.....but I'd be a liar. Please slow down and give us other noobs a chance. :)

    Oh, and I agree with "anonymous". With all of your Horsepower and support through Battley, you can't get a shifter??