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“And, you're old too!” Phil Mooney yelled while simultaneously showing me his middle finger as he rolled away.

Let me start from the beginning.

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New Rule: Anytime Marc Pro or Mikes Bikes shows up to a Nor Cal race w/ more than 8 guys...i'm going gravel grinding. Keep it fun Nor Cal.

I chimed in:

Chuck Hutcheson Rob, I thought the agreement was 9 guys?
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Rob Evans It's been 8 and well respected the last 2 years. Mooney said there was a "new agreement" this year for 9. That's bullshit, even 8 is obnoxious. Show some respect, or continue to watch the sport die a slow death.
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Rob Evans And by well respected I'm obviously excluding Mike's at road nats last year.
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And, since Adam Switters is always perfect, he chimed in:

Adam Switters We had 8 guys
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Which wasn't true because with their "devo" rider, they had 9 guys - and one of their riders smelled more like 20.

Then some dude I don't know chimed in smugly:
Nils Tikkanen It's about podium pictures and hashtags, not etiquette. Gotta get a certain number of "likes" to stay on the team, you know.
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Rob Evans Switters apparently you guys signed off on allowing them to race w/ 9 guys. Somebody has to look out for the remaining 80% of the field.
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Rob Evans For the real heckle, check out snapchat: hooptiebike
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After reading some Facebook stuff, I brought it up with Phil after the lunch ride that we had too many people registered at Snelling and we needed fewer. When I was done talking, he said “OK, and..”

Me- “So we should do something about it now!”

P- “OK, your off the team.”

Me- “But I’m the face of the team”

P- “No, that would be HD, your too ugly”

Me- “The bad boy of the team?”

P- “Nope that’s Rugg”

Me-“The new guy, the dark-horse?”

P- “That would be Jacob Albrecht”

Me-“The crazy/weird guy who everyone likes?”


Me- “What about that time I sharpened the pencils for the Hotel survey, that’s got to count for something!”

P- “Sorry, we need to have less guys at Snelling.”

Me-“Fine! I’ll go join a team and rival you guys then!”

Then Phil flipped me off, said what he had to say and rode off into the sunset.As he rode away he yelled
"Chuck, check the team page, your picture isn't even on it punk!"

So, I called Roman and asked about being on Mikes. He told me to meet him by “the duck pond” and hung up. I found a duck pond and waited for several hours, but he never showed. While I was waiting I called AJ Kennedy about getting on Vuluminati. He said I hurt his feelings too much to help me out, and like Roman, he hung up on me.

Then I received a text from Nick Schaffner, "there is a reason you can't log onto the team page Chuck."

What to do now?
(adapted from my own blog)


Lol I finally saw it. Because that 9th rider is what really keeps Hooptie out of his usual 45th finishing position

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