Monday, March 2, 2009

This and That

Going down Beach Drive Sat I saw this dude on the fattest tired mtn bike ever. How fun would that be today in the snow! I don't mind the snow, got to sleep in from work and school got canceled. I even enjoy shoveling the front and back walkways of the house and digging the cars out - mindless manual labor is kind of zen-like. These bad weather days worked out perfect with my last block of training, it's nice to sit around the house for a few days hanging with the family, reading/studying and eating.

Sean Berry on my team normally registers us for the races, but since he went to Africa I volunteered to register the team for Jeff Cup and Walkersville.

I logged on to the Bike Reg account and looked around, it seemed it would be no problem. With reg opening for Jeff cup at 9, I sat at the computer and kept hitting refresh starting about 8:55. I did not want to be the reason we, or some of us did not get in before it filled. Everything was fine until little details started getting kicked back for Bike Reg info versus USA Cycling stuff, and the extra stuff I had to do to get Dave and Ken their special BAR champ reg stuff. In the end it all worked out.


  1. Did'nt know they let you keep this information on such an unecure station. Do you ride around with an M3 strapped to your back. Protect and serve Hutcheso! C U in Philly. GLOCK.IT

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