Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kicked off Harley?!?!

"And, your old too!" Eli yelled while simultaneously showing me his middle finger as he rolled away.

Let me start from the beginning.

After reading the MABRA list thing, I brought it up with Eli after the lunch ride that we had too many people registered at Jeff Cup and we needed fewer. When I was done talking, he said "OK, and.."

Me- "So we should do something about it now!"

E- "OK, your off the team."

Me- "But I'm the face of the team"

E- "No, that would be Dave, your too ugly"

Me- "The bad boy of the team?"

E- "Russ"

Me-"The new guy, the dark-horse?"

E- "That would be Sean O'Rourke"

Me-"The crazy/weird guy who everyone likes?"

E-"Ken Johnson"

Me- "What about that time I sharpened the pencils for the Hotel survey, that's got to count for something!"

E- "Sorry, we need to have less guys at Jeff Cup."

Me-"Fine! I'll go join a team and rival you guys then!"

E- "That would be Evan"

Then Eli flipped me off, said what he had to say and rode off into the sunset.

So, I called Mark Sommers (AKA "The Ferret") and asked about being on DC Velo. He told me to meet him by "the duck pond" and hung up. I found a duck pond and waited for several hours, but he never showed. While I was waiting I called Evan Fader about getting on Richmond Pro. He said I hurt his feelings too much to help me out, and like Mark, he hung up on me.

What to do now?


  1. Seriously? Eli is a mean mofo! But he sells some good wine.

  2. Just like in Highlander - there can only be one. I now have your powers (dosn't really do much for me, you being slow and all), only a few more left, then it's mine, all mine...

  3. Too funny! I'm guessing this is tongue and cheek, but I am thinking some folks might be calling you up in the next couple of days!

  4. Just race unattached in one of those Primal cereal box jerseys

  5. I'm with Pete. You could also wear the tattoo arm-warmers.

  6. tattoo arm warmers RULE!

  7. being turned away from Harley, even being turned away from DC Velo -- so what? happens all the time.
    being turned away from Coppi; now, that would be something.

  8. Hey Chuck,

    Good racing with you this weekend up in Richmond. I was the junior in the Haymarket Kit. You guys rode very agressively, and when I saw one of you werent in the last break, I wondered if it would stick.

    Hope to race with you guys more this season,
    Tyler Karnes

  9. Thanks Tyler. Good job, I would gladly trade you results for that race! PS Update your blog.