Friday, February 27, 2009

Speed, Freezing Rain, Oil and Gravel...

...were in turn 3 at Tradezone. I now have a new frame. If, by chance you ever crash - dont let your hand get wrapped up in your bar tape because you may crash again when you go from your drops to your hoods.

Other than what's mentioned above, Tradezone #2 went smooth. Ended up in a break with Brian Butts (on the team fighting the forces of darkness), Evan Darth Fader (Mr gone to the darkside), Super Dave Osbourne and some strong NCVC guy. With 6 to go, Daves wheel broke, so he was down a lap. With 4 to go Brian attacked while Darth Fader dropped his chain simultaneously and disappeared. Strong NCVC guy pulled half a lap then started slowing so I jumped across by myself to Brian. We rotated to the end.

Also, turns out that what I thought was a seam on my old frame was actually the line formed from two carbon tubes that were separated. Apparently they were grinding and filling my bottom bracket with carbon filings. So, in addition to my bike feeling springy (which I got used to), my bottom bracket bearings were shot. I can't believe how good a free spinning bottom bracket feels!


  1. Nice race report...informative,.concise and accurate. This is how race reporting should be. No lamenting on the coulda , shoulda , woulda,...just the facts. It is easier if you win but still no ego in the commentary....I bet the NCVC guy wished he would have been sooner to react though. I am sure you were fresh and went by like a slum dog millionaire with the answer...theres always another race to realize the glory of victory or the humility of defeat.

  2. not trying to be rude but i cant tell wtf happened in that race. did you wreak? did your bike break? what place did you take.
    any chance that ncvc rider was Mica? someone said hes on fire at the moment.

  3. I crashed. My bike frame boke (although I did not know till after). I got 2nd. I have no idea of the NCVC rider's name, but I was told at one time he was a good sprinter.