Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lost River, WV to Unison, VA

Day 1 of the RAPHA Challenge tomorrow! I am going to drive to the Raw Talent Ranch in West VA, drop off my car and ride to the Raw Talent Ranch Annex at the Unison Store in Unison. Next day I gotta ride back, but at least I will have company with Jay Moglia (a true cycling mountain goat). Day 1 will be a dream, only 4500 feet of climbing, 7100 feet of descending and the wind at my back! Day two may be the nightmare, 7100 feet of climbing, 4500 feet of descending into a possible headwind. least I will have company, but I think he chose the wrong direction to attend. Soon I will be doing versions of this ride with dirt sections and more off the beaten path roads but I gotta wait for the snow and ice to melt.

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