Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chestnut Hill Loop

Today I did the Chestnut Hill Loop with Eli from the Unison Store through Harper's Ferry. This is day 5 of the Rapha 500 and my total so far is 579 K (or 359.7 miles).

Most of todays route paralleled the Appalachian trail. At some point I am going to hike a large chunk of it.
This building looks pretty cool and kind of reminds me of a mini castle from that old U2 album.

Out in the middle of nowhere is this huge tunnel. It's crazy, someone in West Virginia decided they needed to put this mega tunnel on this single lane back country road. I wonder why?

Here I am trying to pose like Mr. Cash, but Eli failed to let me know I was doing nothing like the photo. C'mon man!

Photos taken by Eli Hengst

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  1. I've enjoyed your reports and your photographs - your terrain is so different than mine, in Los Angeles.