Saturday, April 3, 2010

2nd Battle of Bull Run

What a cool course.

Today I got crushed by Joe Dombrowski and Jerimiah Bishop on the dirt and gravel climb.

At least I didn't flat like Dave Fuentes who was off the front. Or Jared Nieters, who was with Joe and Jeremiah.

The group was pretty much all together at the halfway, around Middleburg. After that, Dave and the Scottish Dude jumped away. Jeremiah and Joe D chased, and most every one rotated.

They were still off by the dirt climb, which is near the finish. At the beginning of the climb, which was steep gravel, most everyone left dropped me. Slowly I caught guys, passed Dave who flatted, passed Jared who flatted and passed the Scottish Dude who thought he flatted but didn't. Last on the dirt climb was Jeremiah and Joe who were riding side by side talking. When I finally made contact with them, the upped the tempo and dropped me. I followed there lines in the dirt down the decent, rode by myself in the head wind and came in 3rd.

Jeremiah said Joe won by suddenly throwing his bike at the line as they talked.

Today, everyone seemed stronger than me, but it was a difficult hard and fun course. Can't wait till next time so I can be humbled again.


  1. Sucks I was out of town. Joe's getting pretty good at dishing up humble pie.

    Did Curtis ride wheel support in the scooter?

  2. I got stuck behind some lady on the dirt gravel section and she was so afraid to pass any of the single riders up that climb or I would have been able to help Dave out sooner. I swear at one point she was going so slow I thought the car was going to roll back down the hill!! I took notes on breaks and such on the cue sheet and Chuck you are pretty spot on, seems though you got bored around mile 10 and went off the front and at about the halfway point riders were popping off the back and I saw Dave and another rider off the front heading down Snickersville which at that point I thought the group was going to catch them. Then I hit the gravel section and that slooow lady driver...Good times though, beautiful country side too.