Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Bullet Proof Wheelset

A few years ago I bought a set of Zip Team CSC wheels. They looked cool, were light and the first 20 feet I rode on them before a spoke broke was wonderful. I replaced the spoke, but every other ride I did on them a spoke would break. Everyone I know who had them said the same thing, and one guy even sold them on EBAY only to have them sent back. My cool wheel set became a house for spiders in my garage.

I kept hearing about some magical-wheel building-mad scientist dude who worked at Spokes, ETC who could rediscabumalete (my word) my wheel set. His name Bill Mould, a retired military guy with a web site about building wheels. I dropped my wheels off to Bill and picked them up two days later.

Seriously, I get nothing out of this, no sponsorship or anything - but today when my bottom bracket was creaking, my derailleur not shifting and all kinds of other funky stuff I realized my wheels are still perfect. I have been riding 250 - 500 miles per week on these for five months and have not had to true them once. I commute to and from work in the dark and hit about every pot hole and bit of debris in the road. I even flipped a few weeks ago and watch my bike bounce for an eternity - and despite the need for a new tire, bar tape, a right shifter, a left pedal and handlebars, I still had perfect wheels.

I can't remember who first told about Bill, but who ever it was, thanks.


  1. You didn't post about your flipping. Any misfortune from people who kick my arse needs to be posted. Makes me feel better about myself.

  2. I was in an all out sprint, and then with out warning my right cleat broke while I was pulling up. I immediatly rolled forward over the bars and my left leg, which was still locked in sent my bike higher than where my head would have been if I were still upright.

  3. It's too bad I didn't have a helmet cam... It was a site to see as it was over 15 feet in the air. I didn't know it was your cleat. I just thought you overpowered your pedals (like at the road race Page Valley). Isn't it time you switched from the speedplays?