Monday, July 13, 2009

Jose Wins! Hagerstown/Iron Hill, my car sucks and Vote for Jim Patton

Jose Escobar (very cartel sounding name), won the Dawg Days Circuit race yesterday. I honestly can't believe a break stuck, but we all felt confident that Jose would pull off the win if it did. I think he only needs 3 points now to get his upgrade to a 1. Yeah, that's right, if you were up in that break, you got beat by a cat 2! Actually, I guess we all got beat by a cat 2, but he is on my team.

At the Haggerstown MABRA Championship, Dave won..... again. I got 2nd.....again in a field sprint. Unfortunately I slid out in a turn and Blair from LSV hit me and face planted - broke his jaw. Hope he heals soon, he is getting pretty strong.

Iron Hill was pretty cool. Huge crowds yelling, cameras flashing, and the smell of bear and cigarettes wafting through the air. Night time crits are fun, and scary as hell. There was only four of us there, but thanks to Russ we made a couple handfuls of cash.

I was pretty tired after leaving Haggerstown. After the race, I found my auto tire flat and Sean Orourke went to get fix a flat. It worked for about 7 mile, when I was on the freeway heading to Iron Hill looking for a gas station en route to get it fixed for reals. So, I am driving along, minding my own business when my what I thought wasn't flat anymore tire starts humming to me. The hum in a very quick progression changes to a ogre like gurgle then a Flap! Flap! Flap - then I turn of into the 'Pennsylvania Welcome Center'.

I all ready had reservations about going to Iron Hill with crashing, all ready racing, my auto flatting when a crack of thunder ripped through the air. Cool, I get to change to my spare in a down pour. Worse yet, I needed to pump my spare with my bike pump. 45 minutes later and several thousand pumps I was on my way. It stopped raining when I pulled out of the Welcome Center parking lot. I am sure it was the same rain that delayed the Haggerstown cat 4 race.

I need to get a new tire now, but I don't want to waste money on it when I really should get a new car - my car has so many issues it may not make it through the next couple months - problem with that is I can't get financing now because someone with all of the same information as me in another state, except they spell their last name Hutchinson instead of Hutcheson has laid waste to my credit.

I used to always carry my bike in my car because I would fit training in here and there, but now I carry it because I may need it when my car decides to head toward the light. So, when you pass an abandoned KIA on the freeway, and 2 miles later you see some dude in flip flops on a road bike carrying three back packs, you know what happened.

On another bike racing note:

We are lucky to have the people in MABRA that we have representing us. I think MABRA is a great district to race in, and we should support the people who make it happen. I believe the voting opens Wed on the USA Cyclinng web page, so type your stuff in, click and vote!

Vote for Jim Patton Candidate for Re‐Election as USCF Trustee, Eastern Region

Experience 30+ years in Cycling
• Racer
• Promoter
• Team Manager (founded US Navy Cycling Team)
• Motor Referee • Cyclocross Referee
• Track Secretary Positions in Cycling
• USCF Trustee (2003‐2009)
• USAC Board of Director’s (2004‐2009)

• Continued emphasis on improved communication
• Simplify USA Cycling licensing and race permit process
• Continued improved USA Cycling Membership value



  1. There was a Cat 3 in that breakaway too ;) I don't know why Escobar went with me when I started that break - but I'm glad he did. I raced with him the day before at Nebo - can't believe he still had that sprint in him at the end of the race at Dawg Days. Glad your guys helped us stay away though - it was amazing that there were 4 other teams not in the break with at least 4 guys represented that didn't pull it in.

  2. You've ruined my fledgling modelling career Chuck! But I have a short memory, so I'll be back by August, I'm sure. Anyway, great racing on the weekend by you guys, between Hagerstown/Crit Champs, Iron Hill (and doing the double), and Dawg Days, congrats.

  3. Can we call you "Crash"?

    I thought you would punish the 35+ guys at Dawg Days. I guess I got punished trying to bridge to the lead pack then falling to the back to recover only to find that the rider in front got gapped and not having anything left to close the gap and catch back on. Glad to be able to help you push your car to start it after the race. Guess you need to pay more attention to your car instead of your bike. :) I had heard you broke your chain at Dawg Days, however yesterday I heard that you crashed. Sucks doesn't it?