Saturday, July 4, 2009

Congats to Russ

Today Russ got 4th. With the field as stacked as it is here, that is absolutely outstanding. The climb today was pretty tough, and the first few laps we blazed it - feeding was out of the question. I finished with the second group on the road. Although it was a road race, we did an 11 mile circuit with a pretty long climb 10 times. The last few times were miserable, and I cracked from the front group with 1 to go. I ended with 49th. Wow, that was a lot of work for 49th! It looks like we are down to 123 riders left from 171. The crit is going to be crazy with that many riders.

Jose Escobar, our Cat 2 got 2nd in the 2's race! He is riding well and will be a 1 soon. Him and his wife-type Michelle really are one of the best things we have on this team. Thanks for feeding us Michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday in the circuit race I got 16th. The field was so shattered I moved up from the 120's to the 60's on GC.

I am still impressed with Russ's ride today.

My roommate here at the dorm is an Aussie kid named Michael Freebird. Really it is Freeburg, but with his strong accent it sounds like he is saying Freebird. He is a track rider doing this for training.

Keck raced today despite his horrific crash yesterday. He borrowed a bike from SRAM, and was pretty strong all day - even attacking and being in moves.

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