Thursday, June 25, 2009

Working Man's Classic

Dave Russ and I are in a cafe, with wireless access right now. Thank God, I was going nut at Keck's place. No phone service. No TV. No Internet. Limited amounts of running water. Three little white dogs that kill everything in a 2 mile vicinity who fight snakes (one dog was bite by a copperhead in the face), and apparently ward off zombies.

We have done well the first 2 nights of working man's classic have gone well. The courses are fast with premes every lap (the 1st night we got 21 out of 28 premes). My only complaint is that we don't qualify for some overall thing because we don't work. Mountain Kakis and Richmond Pro are also included in this thing. What frustrates me is that I do work, at least 10 hour days in the Army, but whatever.

Team Mountain Kakis won both nights and is leading GC. Tod and a RPC guy are tied for second and myself and 2 of my teammates are tied for 4th. There seems to be way more money in the premes than the placings, so that has been our focus. Being high up on the overall is just icing on the cake. Hopefully we have another great night, and then next is Poolesville and Reston followed by Fitchberg. Out


  1. You know, I've often wondered how you've managed to balance your training/racing schedule with the typical 5am-8pm Army workday. Props to you for making it work though.

  2. LOL... Chuck you are a hell of a rider but most of real working stiffs don't have nearly the laid back schedule to race and train that you do.... when I was in the Nav I had much more leeway to train and race... but hey we all grow up. Good luck to you guys down there.

  3. Great writing, Chuck. (Paragraph 1.) FWIW, my photographic moniker for you is Barracuda.