Friday, June 26, 2009

Working Man Day 3

Going into the final event, we really wanted a win, we had gotten 2nd both the other times and had a 3rd. We still had the intention of sweeping up as many premes as we could, but this course was a bit more difficult than the previous 2 nights and we were sure a break would succeed. Todd got the first preme which was $100 in fish (we also got the other 2 $100 fish in the other 2 races). Mayson Haymes (who is strong as hell) was very active and somehow him, a Richmond Pro guy and myself ended up off the front. Even though the Richmond Pro Guy was pedaling like he had blisters on the bottoms of his feet and he did not want to apply pressure, I suggested that we rotate for the premes. That worked out - until Dave Fuentes bridged across. With a teammate, all bets were off. Dave would pull on the flat, then I would sprint for the preme. Our two break companions agreed to not contest the preme sprints if I would stop attacking them. With 2 to go, I attacked on the hill, getting a gap between Mason and Dave - but the Richmond Pro guy was still on me. Mason pulled me back in, and when they connected, Dave went. The Richmond Pro guy attempted to pull Dave in and must have blown sky high because when Mason pulled through he disappeared into the sunset, backwards. I sat on Mason as he valiantly attempted to pull in Dave, then jumped him and rode in for second. I think we got something like 24 of 28 premes.

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