Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ephrata Team Time Trial

On Battley Harley we have two exceptional time trialist. Russ Langley has numerous individual time trials and prologes, including the ITT at Ephrata last year. Ken Johnson has one as many if not more ITTs to include State, District and the Canadian National Championship TT.

We were leading team GC, and with these two and Dave Fuentes to get Keck, DeWald and I to the climb, we would be money.

We were all waiting by the start and Russ and Ken rode off to warm up or something. With 2 minutes to start, no Ken, no Russ. With 1 minute to go, no Ken no Russ. 5,4,3,2 and Ken no Russ - and off we go - Fuentes, Dewald, Keck and I.

We had no TT equipment and 2 of 3 of our flat/rolling hill guys are God knows where. Unbelievable. So absolutely lame. Bike reg started 30 seconds behind us, 6 guys on TT bikes, and sitting 2nd overall on team GC.

Dave took the hardest pulls on the flat, and shed before the climb. Dewald, Keck and I went as well as we could, but got caught around the 1K and then conceded about 10 more seconds.

We have lost the team GC and all of our individual GC placings. I am so mad. This could have been Keck's biggest win, and he said he just feels sick to his stomach. After all of that hard work yesterday, and now this.


  1. hypothesis: bikereg team paid russ and ken to ditch the TTT because harley team owned a lil to much in the road race

  2. that's pretty amateur stuff. sorry to hear it.

  3. Guess that's why the Harley team is an amateur team not a pro team.

  4. Hah... We so VERY nearly missed our start too. We had one guy ont he start line, then rest of us pulled up just as the guys said 4...we got our feet out and put them straight back in. Quite humerous really. It's all just a bit of fun anyway. At the end of the day, it's only Ephrata. Well done overall on the weekend.