Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ephrata Crit

Well, I am glad that is over. We ended up 4th in the team time trial out of 20 teams - with only 4 guys and no aero bars or tt bikes. We lost massively on the individual GC, but managed to only drop to 2nd on the team GC.

Before the crit, the team was hydrating and getting along pretty well, just not talking about the TTT. You could tell it knocked us down quite a few notches. We were shocked to find out we got 4th in the TTT, and that we were 2nd in Team GC, so that was a tiny pearl in a day of dung.

I got a call up in the crit, and with a good warm up and clip in I realized by the first turn I was several bike lengths off the front. I put my head down and committed. I soloed for 3 laps when Jeff Brandon caught me. We worked for 2 more and then got caught by the field.

A few laps later, Dave went with Ken Young, Jeff Brandon and 3 others including a Bike reg guy. They lapped the field. Harley and Bike reg blocked.

Dave was flying, I tried to move up to help lead him out, but I could not break that 10 guy back barrier, I think I was still feeling the effect of the TTT. Dave ended up 4th.

We ended up with 5th, 6th, 7th and 11th in GC .


  1. Chuck, drop me a line, willya? I'm doing a thing on my blog you might be interested in participating in. TCRJames at gmail

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