Sunday, March 15, 2009

Training Races

Well, the training race season is over for me, and in a few days I go to my team training camp for awhile.

I worry more about how hard training camp will be than races. Like Eli said last year "Great! I get to ride in the mountains with a bunch of ex-pros". I know what he means, but, guys on the team who were never pro (and even recently were cat 2), are the ones really killing it on the climbs, like Jose and Sean Berry!

My training crit season went well. I got 2 wins, 2 seconds and a seventh. I wish there were training road races closer to home like there was in California. I felt like trash in one race but still got 7th, and screwed up tactically in another and got 2nd.

Last thing, we got a new rider! His name is Jeremiah Bishop, and if you google him, he is pretty damn good. Looks like Harley will be stronger this year than last year in the NRC.


  1. You Harley guys are definitely intense. I got out yesterday to join up the DCVelo 7:30 ride on the Democracy Blvd sprint. I think Jose took the sprint. I then broke off after we got to 355 and went to pick up my son from his tutor and went home. Around noon. I decided to get a real ride in then... Guess who I saw riding out of Rock Creek Park... Jose. You guys are intense. Let's see, that's 5+ hours on the bike. I went out and rode for another 20 miles and came back home exhausted. No wonder why you Harley guys are so good. Do you guys have lives out side of riding? By the way, I guess Jeremiah is replacing you on the roster??!! Eli got his wish. :)

  2. Hey, we got a new rider, too! His name is Ned Overend, and I hear he wants to bring his friend Julian Absalon onto the team as well.

  3. Chuck - here's a shot of your boy Jeremiah showing how he gets it done when little things get in his way.