Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I can do that!

What's up with me! When I was younger I trained long distance with a steady hard tempo, and it made me (in my mind) pretty fast all round. Now, I don't start feeling good until 20 or 30 miles into the ride, and then I am flying. Cool if I am doing a road race, but if I am doing a crit, I have to show up an hour and a half early! Seriously, at tradezone last week the old legs finally kicked in on the last lap. If I hop out of the car at hains point, I never get a chance to really warm up. I guess having to warm up before an event is better than not being fit at all.

Les Doerfler posted a link to this picture of my new team mate..http://www.downwarddogphotography.com/p1033367721/h381643d8#h381643d8
and the first thing I think is "I can do that", but fact of the matter is I have never really tried - but it is tempting because it looks real cool, like doing a wheely on a road bike (which Page, Hipp and Dewald all can do). I want to be able to do stunts on my road bike! If you see me with a cast on my leg and a black eye, you know what I tried.


  1. yeah ...is Dewald coming back from Texas for the camp..?. Mark lighty said he was winning some events in the lone star state...I think Dewald is a good guy..his name reminds me of Dewalt. ( great power tools )

  2. Chuck - Jeremiah hopped the barriers that way every single time. I don't think he dismounted off of the bike once during the race.

    He and Wes Schemph had a nice rivalry going during the cyclocross season.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the Harley team in action this season.

  3. Don't tell me you're not warmed up yet at Hains Point. It will be pretty cool to see what you can do at Hains point if you are warmed up as you're already dropping the rest of us not warmed up.

    By the way, I'm warmed up after a about a couple of miles into the race by mile 30, I'm typically cooked. But the good thing is that in my mind I'll always remember being in front of you! Haha

  4. We going to get training camp updates? you know...like.. We waited for 10minutes at the top of the hill for Todd, Russ punched so and so..., Chuck never changed his socks, etc.

  5. OK, it's 8pm and I am on my way to training camp to get my butt whipped by my teammates, wish me luck!