Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fitchburg Time Trial

I hate time trials. Besides sprinting and climbing, my worst thing is time trials. The individual time trial is how I ended up getting 2nd instead of first overall at ToWC. My legs felt great, in fact they never hurt at all, it was my head. I kept thinking about things like work and stuff. I ended in the middle, not the front middle, or the middle middle - you get my point.

Tomorrow is the 75 mile circuit race with a pretty big hill. we climb it 20+ times. The day after that is the 120+ mile road race. It is funny I look forward to the hard road races and I dread the less than 10 mile individual time trials. Maybe it is because there is all the action in the mass start race that keeps your mind busy.

We are all in the wireless center here at Fitchburg University are all on lap tops, and Keck is sitting next to me with a book. He couldn't find the PDF somewhere? Just kidding.

Also, the weather here has been crazy. Thunder, lightning, rain. I was sure that they would cancel the TT for safety, but the thunder and lightning ended (although it continued to rain). Russ is next to me blogging too. He had a good TT.

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