Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I think it was Ekimov

In my other life I was able to do one of the big NRC stage races that had all kinds of media. I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the cool pro teams around, and thought 'how cool would that be to get all the attention they get?'

The prologue was a a short time trial, something a little over 10 miles I think. Really good riders had camera motorcycles taking off and following them and floating around the course. Unfortunately for me, there was not one waiting for my start, and although completely undeserving, I wished there was.

Immediately after I started though, to my surprise, a moto flipped around and seemed to be following me. I remember, halfway kidding to myself 'that's right, I am bad, how did they know?.' Having the camera there made me go way harder than I ever would have on my own. I was drilling it.

Slowly, I noticed the camera was backing off. 'Hey wait, I'm right here!', but I was cracking anyway and slowing down from going too fast too early. Then the camera disappeared, and I was back to my normal completely unglamourous time trial.

Not too long after that, I feel the presence then hear the moto again. 'That's right, you want more images of Chuck Hutch!' The difference was, this time he was half wheeling me, and slowly moving ahead. 'I see, more angles of Chuck, I understand'.

You ever watch the Tour, and they are following some great rider, and for a while they show some dude, just chugging along kind of get in the way, and then get unceremoniously past? You ever wonder how he feels? If he thinks at first the camera is there for him, and then he watches the moto and the good rider disapear in the distance, he feels silly to have ever, even for a moment, thought that moto was there for him.

Obviously, the camera was not there for me, and for a majority of the time I am sure it wasn't even pointed at me. It was waiting for a Postal Service guy, I think it was Ekimov.


  1. guys with long hair get more love.

  2. See Brueghel's "Icarus":

    Great post.

  3. OK...I don't think it was fair for you to turn up the pace in lap 1 today. I know you were warmed up already, but some of us slow guys hadn't yet. Waaaaah! I hadn't been out there for noon in a while. Now I remember what it feels like. :-(