Monday, June 1, 2009

An Easy Day

Well, we didn't do a 6 hour ride today (thank God), but I did go to Sugar Loaf today with Sean Berry (our indigenous guide) and Chad Gerlach. That climb is really super short and easily graded, but the view at the top is very cool.
I'd like to say this is an action shot, but it is really a representation of my skills while riding and shooting from my phone camera.

If you were in the Pro race on Sat or Sun, and this is what you saw, you were well positioned in the peleton. If you saw this in the last 50 meters, you were in the money and receiving NRC or UCI points.

So, it is safe to say that Chad is back, and crushing it again. Truth is, I can't remember the names of who won either day, and I bet a lot of people can't, but everyone remembers a dude who can solo 90% of a professional bicycle race and then still place top 10.


  1. I totally agree about Chad - really impressive. On top of all that, the pack never did bring him back - 7 guys bridged up to him. Kelley put 7 guys on the front and only took 20 sec out and then he opened it up over 40 seconds again.

  2. i can honestly say watching chad sat has got to be one of the most impressive races i have seen.

  3. It was just a shade under 6 hours for me.

  4. You and Sean raced well. I saw you attack on the back side about 1/2 way in....looked like you didn't commit to it. Or maybe it was the "joker" smile. Just didn't seem to be a convincing move.

    6 hours with Chad. That'd be an interesting fella to talk with. You should've done a Rouleur 20 questions post....