Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well. today was a day to remember, and a great way to start my blog. At 4:30 am this morning when I got to work I got the email I had been waiting for, one from the US Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) which I have been waiting forever for. The suspense was killing me. First I clicked on the email (which took too long to open) only to find out the desicion was in a pdf file. Then I clicked on the pdf (which took too long to open) and POW! The answer.... "DENIED". My heart sank. No matter how many times I read the letter it still said "DENIED".

I thought I was in for sure. I based my assumption on comparing my results with members of other services who were in the program because the Army does not have any cyclists in WCAP. Since they do not have any cyclist in WCAP, they said their basis for the decision was that USA Cycling did not think I would make the 2012 Olimpic Team. Ok, fair enough.

Good news is I plan on re-enlisting for a bunch more years! Well, mabye that's not real good news - but what is is that I will be in DC for at least another year, which means I will stay on Harley. I really like racing in the Mid-Atlantic, and now I have done most of the races once and know the competition so there will be no surprises. I called Tom, our race director, to see if I still have a spot on the team and he said I did - but I barely made the cut.

Last thing - I can't wait to start training. I took some time off earlier this month and then started putting the base miles in. It did not seem like I lost any fitness so I am taking an additional week off. I will be back on Thur or Fri so see you at the point one of those days. Late


  1. Ok, wait a minute, you barely made the cut?? I don't believe it...but glad you did make it. Tell Baby Daddy Russ to get his butt signed up for DCCX!!

  2. Sorry to hear about the denial. It will be good to cheer you on again this next year. You're always fun to watch "2-Speed".

    I guess you could also join up with Ken Young, George Ganoung, on the Armed Forces Team.

    See you around soon on one of the rides.

  3. Finally, I was wondering when you were going to start writing. Maybe So Faux Pro can do something on you.

  4. What up Chuck! Welcome. Glad you could make it. Quit smiling when the rest of us are hurtin', will ya?!


  5. KML, word on the street is that Russ has his own blog (for the record - I'm first Russ!)

    Gregg, I can't help but smile, I have fun when I ride!

    Kyle, never heard of Faux Pro until you commented...read his blog...funny as hell but...now I'm scared of him. Hopefully he'll realize I'm a bike racer and not a gramatical/correct spelling type.

  6. Chuck - Sorry to hear you didn't get selected; I thought for sure with my endorsement you were a shoo'in! Did you point out to them that none of the racers selected for the US Olympic team were in the Armed Services(to my knowledge)?
    Keep up the good work - it's always fun to watch you race.


  7. My buddy used to run for the All Army track team. They have time qualifications for runners. You make the time your in.... or at least that's what I thought. Well, welcome to the blogosphere.