Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, if you haven't heard, my teammate Russ has a blog now. I can't wait to see it, just don't know where it is. If you comment on his blog though, make sure to let him know you saw mine first and your glad to see he is trying to be just like me. Just kidding, but not really, so tell him that.

In other news, I get to write a piece on GAMJAMS about attacking. To think, this time last year I was reading that site to try to figure out the racing scene here, and now I get to write something for it. Cool. Funny part about this is that when I told Eli Hengst and Art Brown I get to write this they asked me who I was going to interview as a subject matter expert. Ha! Whatever!

I found a cool Sunday ride. It's been around for about 17 years or so I heard, but is new to me. Starts at a coffee shop (perfect), pretty cool collection of riders (perfect), great conversation and we laughed a lot while going easy (perfect for this time of year).


  1. Welcome to blogging. It will be fun to read your stuff. I get to write about indoor training.

    See you at the races.

  2. Russ has a picture of himself not suffering that much but Tim Johnson suffering like a dog right behind him.

    Just saying.