Monday, February 13, 2012

How to win a bike race...

Tactic 1
Invent better excuses!
Tactic 2
Drop all the guys who are faster than you; BEFORE the finish line.
Tactic 3
Save all your energy; and attack ONCE, before the sprint starts.
Tactic 4
Race in a lower category.
Tactic 5
Hire someone strong enough to drop everyone, but not strong enough to drop you.
Tactic 6
Push harder on the left pedal, when it reaches the bottom of the stroke, repeat with the right pedal.....repeat......repeat.....repeat.
Tactic 7
Steal your competitors drugs (no; not to use them!).
Tactic 8
Consider taking up golf, or table tennis.
Tactic 9
Learn a daily mantra, such as, "my goal is to win the bike race; NOT, to be the most aggressive rider".....repeat....repeat....repeat.
Tactic 10
See Tactic 1

by John Brady

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  1. We both know that the bystanders remember the aggressive rider, and only bike racers remember who won - and that means little because most bike racers think they could have won too.