Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The new training ride.

While I was out west, some of the guys where using google images and Google earth to plot rides. It was really cool. A few places we had to go around fences or ride long sections of dirt - which I don't mind, but often I was surprised that you could get here from there.

About a month ago, that Scottish Guy (I know his name is Steve Grant, but I think he prefers this name) told me about the climb on Blue MT - the backside of Sky Meadows Park. I am determined to find a way to connect Blue MT road to the park with out touching 17 or 50. I have all ready tried some routes that included super steep dirt climbs, but the mud and eventually several feet of snow deterred me. As soon as it melts, I am going to find the way.

By the way, the climb the Scottish Dude told me about is one of the best around and can easily be incorporated into a mt Weather ride. It is of of Howellsville rd. Long switch backs that you can see the next switch back, turns to dirt for about a mile then back to cement. Very cool training.

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  1. I'm down for exploring this Monday if you are/

  2. I'd love to go (on my motorcycle). :-)

  3. May I join in? Sounds like fun- I like riding on dirt.

  4. I live out near Hume... it would be cool to hook up if you guys are planning to ride out there. I'm on spring break next week.

    -Joe Dombrowski

  5. The Mt. Weather to Blue Mountain ride is awesome. From Marshal there's a pretty basic loop of about 68-69 miles and you can easily add more. NCVC has a cue sheet on our site if you check the "rides" page. It's pretty much flat and fast except for those two climbs.

    Oh, and Steve's real name is Nessie.