Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lucky Chucky

I have never been to Ireland, in fact, the only country I have been to outside the US is Mexico. The last few weeks have been pretty focused, with training, planing and getting things in order. The Armed Forces Cycling Team offers a great amount of support, but even then when opportunities are so important I find myself working out tons of details and putting out small - and in some cases self created - fires.

I have been taking my pedals on and off so much for traveling that I sometimes get lazy in re greasing the threads. Well, my pedal and my crank arm became one inseparable piece of medal. That would be fine if I never had to remove it again, but I do to pack it for the upcoming flights. I scrounged up enough money for new pedals and Bill Jacobus from the Armed Forces Team spotted me a set of cranks. Things like this only seem to happen before big events, but live and learn.

To save up a little money, we cut back on snack foods and quick eats around the house. I never realized how much I "graze" until I started bonking on rides. I thought I could get away without the steaks before long rides and just eat the normal 3 meals a day. I was wrong. I need to eat constantly or I run out of calories and then the misery starts. When the 1st of Sep hit, I was so glad to have a full fridge!

Tomorrow I leave from Boston to Vermont and do a time trial on Friday. No TT bikes, just straight road bikes - with the exception of disc wheels and areo helmets. Pretty cool I think, a more even playing field. We are using the Green Mtn Stage RAce in prep for Ireland, but who can line up at a start race and not race? If I get 5th, 59th or 70th, it is not because I didn't try, it is because that is what I have earned - I just can't help but race.

I did not really take a break last winter because I felt I needed to keep pushing forward and up my level of fitness. I kept hearing that I would burn out, or get flat, but I felt I needed to keep training to be competitive for 2009. This year I am taking a few weeks off around when it starts freezing. When I get back, I am going to enjoy riding in the wonderful fall weather here, but when I can't figure out the right glove combination to keep my hands from hurting in the freezing cold, I am taking my (probably well deserved) break.

Last year I was 2nd in 5 different Jersey events. That means I was the first guy to cross the line or be in the standings that was not going to get a jersey, 5 times! I used that as motivation to train through the winter, I wanted to win a jersey this year. There are not enough events left to be over taken in the MABRA Senior Men or Masters BARs, and Greenbelt, although it was a training race series, is done. I lucked out at Page Valley and got 2 jerseys in one race, the MABRA road title and the Virginia Road Tittle. Getting 2nd didn't end last year though, I still got 2nd at the MABRA Crit Championship and the Masters TT Championship. Wow, this was a great season, and it is still not over. I leave early next week for Green Mountain Stage Race and then to Ireland! I am lucky.

MABRA BAR Senior Men
208 Charles Hutcheson Battley Harley-Davidson
115 Dave Fuentes Battley Harley-Davidson
110 Ken Young Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo
95 Brian Butts Battley Harley-Davidson
87 Jeff Brandon LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies
86 Todd Hesel LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies
85 Mike Githens Immediate Mortgage - Artemis Elite
80 Jose Escobar Battley Harley-Davidson
76 Keck Baker Battley Harley-Davidson
70 Todd Hipp Battley Harley-Davidson

MABRA BAR Masters Men 35-49

185 Charles Hutcheson Battley Harley-Davidson
90 Chris Hayes Haymarket Bicycles
89 Stephen Robinson Squadra Coppi/IM Saab
76 Ramon Benitez Immediate Mortgage - Artemis Elite
68 George Opria Evolution Cycling Club
64 Chip Hoover Team Latitude/ABRT
64 Dave Osborne Immediate Mortgage - Artemis Elite
61 Ralph Muoio LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies
57 Michael Bradbury Evolution Cycling Club
56 Arthur Brown Team Latitude/ABRT
54 Dave Fuentes Battley Harley-Davidson

Greenbelt Park Training Race Results
Series A Standings
76 Charles Hutcheson
63 Evan Fader
50 David Bozak
25 David Osborne
14 Ralph Muoio
13 Kenneth Young
12 Brian Butts
11 Timothy Brown
10 Chip Hoover
8 donald brew


  1. C-
    You need anything just give me a shout! Helping out a soldier/bike racer would be an honor! Seriously-

  2. You can always just take your crank arm off to pack it in the travel case. Just grease it up when you put it back on.

  3. Congrats Chuck. Wow that will make for a great photo Ken and Chuck in the same kit and I will not have to chase you around all day! Cant wait should be fun. This has to be the best AF Team yet. See you in a few hours.

  4. Go get 'em over there in Ireland, Ken and Chuck. You guys working together is a scary proposition.

  5. And I thought you were duckin' me at the noon ride today. :-(