Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Sally Ride Sally

Ken Young has a pro level sprint. DC Velo has a very well organized lead out, and it was perfect for a course that was damn near impossible to break away on. Trust me, I tried! Medium story short, my cleat broke (speed play), and I coasted in sitting, pedaling with one leg for sixth. Hind site is 20/20, and I should have attacked their lead out with one to go (sitting of course), but I did not. The best break, or the one I thought might be successful had me, Brian Butts, Sean O'Rorke, Mike Githens, Jarred Neiters. Chip Hoover and Josh Frick. The teams were well represented, and everyone was working, the course was just too fast for a break to go.

Masters 35+
Dave and I have been rotating who wins the masters race, and it was his turn. We tried to get away, but I think it is possible we may have been marked. When we finally did get away, it was an accident, sprinting for a preme - which I did not get because there was a guy in front of us, who I thought we were lapping. Anyway, with six to go, we went for a preme and brought Chris Hayes from Haymarket with us. He was pulling through well, but with 2 to go, Dave attacked. Hayes brought him back, and I went. Dave bridge across and took the win. The whole time we were off the front we only had about 5 seconds and I was constantly thinking they were going to bring us back. Chris Reagan won the field sprint behind us.

So, on the day I got a 2nd and a 6th.

Today I rode down to the new trail crossing the Potomac on the Eisenhower bridge. Very cool, scenic and wide. It opens a whole new world of training ground, I can't wait to explore. I have never been to the national harbor until today and I can't wait to take the family.

Right now - I just uncorked a bottle of Boogle (cheap but good), and I am listening to my Pandora radio station which includes (I know the James McNeely will appreciate), Ottis Spann, Mark Hummel, Muddy Waters, The Night Hawks, Little Walter, the late KoKo Taylor, Leadbelly, Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy - you get the point, I've got the blues with out being blue. I think I am turquoise, you know, green with a touch of blue. But not blue mind you.


  1. I like that "rotate who wins".
    Boggle? Come on now, u can do better than that. I'm enjoying some BV myself.

    Are you guys doing wash. county coming up?

    How about masters nationals? We need some more guys like you and dave racing. The RR and crit would be great for you guys. The TT, not so much ;)

  2. Pete, don't knock thew Boggle, it's the Merlot! It is one step above Mad Dog, just like me. Mild Dog, or even Happy Dog! I really want to do Masters Nationals, I just do not have the funding. You know I can TT, just as long as it is off the front in a RR or a Crit and not an actual ITT, or I guress a TTT. We are doing Wash County, to support Joe Jefferson and what he does. Is there a tandem TT we can do? Give me a blindfull and you can steer.

  3. Good deal - see you guys in a few weeks.

    there is a tandem TT at nationals, if someone wants to buy a nice tandem there is a jersey for the taking there.

    yeah, TT'ng is expensive, these masters guys take it extremely seriously - thousands of $$$ in the wind tunnel, etc

  4. chuck, thanks for the props. as pete well knows, i couldn't pull through at Clarendon. just look/listen to bryan vaughan's can hear him yelling at me "take a real pull, don't just roll through!". he didn't need us anyway, we were just slowing him down on that course.

    as for the tandem, nieters has the itch.

  5. Chuck, if you want to go, I'll pay for the hotel. But it'll be on a tandem, and we can sweep some jerseys.

  6. Love the read and agree that everyone let the 123 race (inevitably) go to a field sprint. I actually watched the Masters race and you earned your placing.

  7. Congrats on your win at Tour of Washington County! You deserve it!