Saturday, May 16, 2009

Break Dancing in Delaware

Wilmington was the first race I can remember where I never saw the front. I got a terrible start and just picked my way to the front, and only had to jump across one gap in route. By three to go I was top 20, and on the last lap I was in 8th spot in the lead out train when I slid out in a turn. I somehow did a 360 and bounced.

People told me it looked like I was break dancing. Miraculously, I have no road rash, my clothes did not get hurt and my bike is fine. Along with my ego, my butt may be bruised.

I heard Evan Fader's mom took a picture of me after the race wiping my junk with a towel and hopefully this will be my debut on the blog 'You Got Dropped'.


  1. Damn, Chuck is even good at crashing!

  2. Jesus Christ!! You lucky S.O.B!!!!!!! Your crash caused a ripple effect in the field. Next thing I know the guy two riders ahead of me is endo'ing right in my face and I'm over the bars into the pavement!! A triple-fractured jaw, 20 stitches, and a lost tooth later I comment on this blog... You're one lucky son-of-a-gun!!