Saturday, January 10, 2009

My predictions...

The other day I was talking to a current pro and he said something to the affect that there are only about 5 really strong guys in this area. I wonder who they are?

Anyway, I have two MABRA rider predictions:

1. Brian Butts is going to have a stellar season. From years of racing at the an elite level, it would be hard not to recognize this, but he has all the qualities I think it takes to make a good domestic pro. He took time off, and has been building and at this point is consistently riding strong for the duration of every ride I have done with him.

2. Josh Frick (if he races much), like Brian, is also going to have a great year. When I first started riding, I heard much about him, but I never saw anything in races. As of late though, every time I have ridden with him, I am starting to see what they were talking about.

I hope both my predictions are right. Brian because he is my teammate. If Josh did well again, his teammates would probably follow suit and MABRA racing in the 1,2 field would be a whole lot more interesting and more fun.


  1. 5? I think there are at least 10 to 15 guys that could hang in most national pro races...

    Now if you're talking case race...look no further the the R1V 3/4 squad...nobody can touch us.

  2. You guys are fucking clueless. Your predictions, Gay. "There can only be one". Where, 10 am. When, 10 am.

    Oh and Chuckie, sorry for crushing you today. I didn't mean to.

  3. Let me translate ...the summary of your "predictions". IF competition against your stacked team would increase THAN it would provide a harder day to win. Basic logic structure for a winning argument provides the argument, two supporting premises and a have proposed the argument and the provided premises go unspoken (constant wins and secondly also taking the other two spots on the podium ) Soo the obvious conclusion for adding interest and "fun" would be to have a couple of Y'ALL move over to another team. Or dont complain bout it being boring. :)

  4. Skip Foley is gonna come back and crush everybody, except of course The Muscle