Wednesday, December 10, 2008


To motivate myself to ride today, I decided to work on my cycling weakness. If you have read my blog, or posts on other peoples blogs, and you even half-way care to remember - you know I can't sprint, climb or time-trial very well. I am good at everything else, just not these three. After thinking how these are my three weak event I start wondering 'how do I do well in races?' I guess the ideal is to break away with someone who is weaker at these events and hopefully beat him to the line. I just really rely on luck. My racing life is like some geeked out fat kids World of Warcraft role playing character, and every once and a while he does well on his roll of the dice - and I make it up the hill with the front group, solo in ahead of the field or win a sprint.


  1. silly n00b...there are no dice in world of warcraft.

    In honesty, I don't know what "n00b" is nor do I know if there are dice in world of warcraft.

  2. Um. Not too burst your bubble, but what else is there besides sprinting, climbing, and time-trialing? Plus, it's not that your are bad at the Trial of Time, let's be clear, what you need help with is following the course!!

  3. Man, I really wish I could say I was not good at sprinting, while sprinting past the pack, one legged, changing songs on my ipod and looking backwards smiling at the people I just dropped. That's gotta be one sweet level of suckiness.

  4. Jesse - I thought there were dice, your right. I was thinking it was more like dungeons and dragons.

    MeMo - There’s not really much more than sprinting, climbing and time trialing. I was just joking around.

    DJ - Thanks