Thursday, November 27, 2008


"The Muscle"
"Super Dave"
"The Butt"
"Two Speed"

These are a few of the nicknames we know in MABRA. Actually, I made "The Butt" up, but nicknames describe and often make fun of a reality (sorry, Brian). Over time in cycling I have had tons of nicknames, probably because of my goofy and joking nature.

The first one I remember was "Chuckie", like from Child's play. I had a sticker on my helmet that said "Back off Jack, Chuckies Back" , from Child's Play 2 that came out when I started racing after a 2 year lay off. I know, having that sticker on my helmet was dorky, but whatever - it was funny at the time. When I went back to California in August, a few people still called me this.

The next one I remember was "Tumble Weed". Before I had dread locks, I had a huge Afro. While traveling across the country with some of my teammates they noticed how similar my hair was to the tumble weed blowing by. This one never stuck, thank God, but it was funny.

The first cool one I got was from the west-coast version of announcer Joe Jefferson. It was pouring rain and I wasn't wearing glasses so I was squinting. That coupled with the fact I am always smiling led him to start calling me "the Joker". I remember winning a three-up break away sprint and the announcer saying "Tricked again by the Joker!" That was cool. For the same reason I have also been called "smiley", but how tough is that?

Probably the funniest nickname was given to me by former 7-11 rider Scott McKinley. I did not know I needed glasses, and because of a lack of depth perception, I crashed often. The movie Dances with Wolves had just come out. When Scott was asked if he knew where I was, he replied "oh, you mean 'Dances with Pavement'". I am so glad that one did not stick (at least more than 2 or 3 years). I, and I am sure everyone around me appreciates Eye Lasiks too.

Most recently I have been called "Two Speed". When I first read that, I thought Dave Fuentes was going to say Stop and Slow - which would have been funny, but luckily it was Stop and "I don't give a f#ck", which is kind of how I ride. I honestly HATE going slow, which often pisses people off on training rides. Sorry though, I guess if you don't like it you can sit up. This nickname seems to be sticking, we'll see how long and what is next.

The nicknames "The Muscle", "Super Dave" and "Gay Racer Dude", are really all the ones I know in MABRA. What are some more?


  1. brian butts = buttzilla or uncle rico

  2. How about The Muscle, AKA, kicking your @SS. You're stealing my thunder. There will be consequences.

  3. How about The Muscle, AKA, kicking your @SS. You're stealing my thunder. There will be consequences.

  4. I'm sure there is plenty of thunder to go around.

  5. I'm still going to say "Chuck the Duck" because it rhymes and I like it.

  6. I think I may have referred to you as "The Butt" several times throughout my life.

  7. T- rex = Dave Fuentes
    Guy Smiley = Ryan McKinney
    The Chosen On =I'll let you guess;)
    Trigger Happy = Josh Frick

  8. There's a guy on ABRT whom I call "Twinkle Toes" because he has ALWAYS worn bright white shoe covers.

  9. You know, it's not really a nickname, just the blog title and description.

    Speaking of stealing thunder... When are you coming out with your Wind Tunnel photo?