Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day was FUN

At the lunch ride on Tuesday Eli had an Idea to change things up. It would be him, Evan Fader and Ken Johnson against me each lap. If I won, Eli would give me $5, and if one of them beat me, I had to pay them $1. It was so much fun.

On the first lap, I pulled through kind of hard, and after they pulled through I launched on the other side. I was driving it, but when I turned around Ken had easily pulled me within a bike length so I sat up. Then Evan went. He dangled for a while and with about a k to go I jumped, brought him back, and with Ken in tow went by him. Perfect, a one up sprint with Ken (and his sore shoulder). Easy money.

Lap two, they wizened up. Evan sat on my wheel waiting for the sprint, Ken waited to launch a solo and Eli became the X factor and attacked first. I knew as soon as I caught Eli, Ken would go - with Evan sitting on me waiting for the sprint. We were cat and mousing it so much that some dude on a mountain bike came flying by us and we didn't see him again. Finally Eli was just way too far out and i had to pull him back in. The whole time I pulled I was ready for Ken to go and of course he did. I barely made it on. He didn't look back for a while and right when he did I we were close enough that I led out the sprint and took it at the line from Evan. Evan says I didn't because he threw his bike (but I know I did cause I didn't have to throw mine)(just kidding - but not really)(Evan if your reading this you know I won).

That was probably the hardest lap I have ever done at the point - and not being fit didn't help. It was hella fun though.

On another note, I took down the post about how you could possibly run into the Pres mtn biking if you couldn't hear people yelling at you cause you had headphones on. I did that because the day after that could have happened if it were to happen I got invited to go ride with him. I got all excited, borrowed a super sick mtn bike and even went for the practice ride only to find out when I got back from the Hains Point ride above that it got called off. Bummer, maybe I'll get to ride with the next Pres. I am going to put that other post back up now. Late.


  1. Chuck the Duck (or Duck Crusher if you prefer), you are a man of great beast-acity.

  2. I think the ba-Rock only rides a girly-man Hybrid. Maybe Fenty can get him going to the gym, like Arnold Schwarz suggested :-P

    You should totally try to get a ride with Gee-Dubz...I hear he's actually an astute rider

    btw, I got another funny word verification thing.

    "abledong". Hell yeah.

  3. Gdub is a legit rider who actually puts in some miles, not likely to get barack on bike ride, dudes a chain smoker. but nevertheless would be cool to ride with the president.

  4. OMG, you got an invite!! That is so cool. I have a friend and she got an invite but she doesn't want to Mt Bike anymore because of a crash so I think he should default the invite to me!!

    I can't believe POTUS-elect smokes...he should change that !