Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reason # 38...

...not to wear headphones while riding your road bike.

Let's say you happen to be riding with headphones on, techno ticking and your grooving when you decide to dive off the road, ditch traffic and hit the single track. Maybe when the dirt trail your following hits a gravel road you notice a dark sedan with tinted windows and there is a guy with dark shades talking to you, possible yelling at you. You think to your self 'that was odd', - but you keep going, your single tracking it on a road bike, feeling good and the beats are hitting. Suddenly (now remember, I am just saying 'what if'), but suddenly you notice a group of riders way ahead of you. Then a few of the riders swing off of the group, and head your way, all sporting short hair cuts and dark shades. Perhaps before you even realize what is going on you are escorted to a police cruiser on the highway, out of the woods much faster than you entered. What if the MP that is at the cruiser suggests that you may have almost caught up to the President out mountain biking.

I am not saying that this very uncomfortable situation happened today at around 9am, I am just saying it could happen...if you wear headphones while riding.


  1. Ok your morning adventures were much better than my saddle bag being up for the first few miles.

  2. It always happens to you, Chuck. I mean, you would be the one that it would happen to... if it were to happen. Yes, I am paying attention.

  3. totally awesome!

    you found road-bikeable singletrack?

    ;) I heard Georgie is a pretty good rider

  4. Maybe you were down at Quantico and happened to find this sweet single track???

    I would love to ride with the POTUS down there, I wonder if he makes it up the elevator climb, that climb is a ....