Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back in California

Well, I have finally escaped MABRA and am back in mostly sunny California. I almost feel guilty about not blogging for a year, but I can sum it up real quick

Raced Bahamas, won, raced all the Hincapie series, did well, raced some NRC, got my butt handed to me, raced locally, won some times, got out of the Army, couch hopped, drove across country, raced locally, won a few more times, finished a semester at sac state, got all As, raced Korea, got 2nd, plan on racing collegiate, got hit by truck.

It's great to be back. The river rides are fun and it has not been nearly as cold as back east. It has rarely even rained. I have been to the hills many times and there is so much terain that exploring turns into an adventure almost every time.

I can't wait to race collegiate! Just wish I had done it 20+ years ago, hopefully I won't be the oldest guy in the peloton, but I probably will, oh well. Unfortunately that is all I have to look forward to now racewise because getting hit by a car took me out of Tour of the Bahamas, Redlands and the Tour of Korea. I probably needed the rest anyway.


  1. Cant believe you were back in town and I didn't know about it man. Better be here for the HM Winter League rides, need you to lead out the pain train.

  2. I wasn't back in town, just putting a years worth of posts in one post. Trust me, when I a m on my way to being back in town you will know!