Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getting ready for the Rapha Festive 500

Today I did the 7am and the 10am. I haven't been out there for a while because I have been spending my time after work at the Raw Talent Ranch Annex in Unison on Saturdays in Unison near Middleburg, VA. Unison is the perfect place to start your rides from, not to far from DC and basically right up against the mountain. Mt Weather, Blue Mtn and Chestnut Hill are long climbs that are really close. Above is the 10am, but it is really my test for documenting my attempt at the Rapha 500 see:

Normally it would be pretty easy to knock out 500k in a week, but it has been very very very cold. I am lucky to get a ride in when it is above freezing or not snowing - which makes for a difficult attempt. Probably what is going to be even harder is getting the miles in on Christmas Eve and Christmas (without disrupting the tender balance of riding and the wife's happiness), but I think I got that solved. Ride super duper early on Christmas eve and hopefully sneak a short to medium size ride on Christmas when everyone is absorbed in their gifts.

Here is a picture of the Raw Talent Ranch Annex (and my glove)


  1. Chuck, I was on the 7am today (yellow jersey). Since Saturday is Christmas morning, I wonder if it makes sense to move the Saturday 7am ride to Friday the 24th. I would hate to miss getting dropped.

  2. There Probably will be people out there even though it is Christmas. I have only been going once a month, I prefer to hit the hills. As far as changing the ride goes, it is DC Velos. If you want a Friday ride you should organize it and post it to the MABRA list serve.