Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 1 Rapha Ride and the Raw Talent Ranch

Today I knocked out the ride from The Raw Talent Ranch in West Virginia back to Unison (the Raw Talent Ranch Annex) and ended up getting a little over 80 miles. I should have gotten around 74 but I went the wrong way for a few miles and luckily realized it before I was too far. The wind was screaming today so it made for some fast flat sections and some hairy descents. The GPX file needs to go through the software because it says I got something like 44000 feet of climbing and I know it was just over 4000. Imagine how hard a 81 mile ride would be with 44000 feet of climbing! Is that even possible? Many of the roads along the way were absolutely amazing and I was constantly reminded why I ride out here, if I never have to pedal another revolution of MacArthur, River Road or Hains point I will be just fine. It reminded me of a point to point road race where the terrain is constantly changing - in fact, when I left the Barn I was pushing through snow! What was a trip was the dirt decent from there got more sun than the main road up so it was a lot less sketchy and had no ice. Thank God the wind is supposed to die down some tomorrow because the return trip is going to be hard enough with all of the climbing.

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