Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lost River

One of my favorite races. As I type, I feel my legs ache - I am not a very good climber so finishing it pretty much beats me to a pulp. I am surprised more people don't start it because it seems to be or like it is going to be one of the MABRA classics.

I have been in breaks before when riders have suffered mishaps, flatted or whatever and we let up until that rider caught back on. Today, I had a mishap and the 6 riders let up and I quickly caught back on. I have always waited because if by chance I won I would like to know I did on strength, tactics and merit. It is nice to know that other riders in the MABRA scene think the same way.

Nick Bax is a machine. I wish I was 20 and that strong. Very similar riding style to Joe Donbrowski and they both destroy the climbs.

Congratulations to Keck for winning - great attack on the second to last climb, no one was able to respond and we were border line death marching to the finish. What a crazy tough course.

Thanks for the wheel Mr Fang.
Thanks for the hospitality Jay and Audry.

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