Saturday, December 12, 2009


Much has been happening here in MABRA, most notable is that Keck Baker infected the MABRA list serve with his digital version of H1N1.

Team news is starting to trickle. Haymarket is going to be pretty solid, and I know Kelly is going to be very good because many of the riders I wanted to come to my team went there. There are also rumors of Russ, formerly of my team and Josh Frick doing something - damn, that is going to be a REALLY good team.

Another thing being talked about are amateur and master riders doing and getting popped for drugs. What is the reasoning behind doing drugs as an amateur or master? "I am going to cheat everyone and risk my health because I can really use that box of power bars and neon pink arm-warmers I might win". Seriously, if you want to do well racing as an amateur, just rearrange your life so that you have more time to ride - sacrifice your time, not your life.

Speaking of ridding, I have not been on my bike for a few weeks. I can't wait to ride, but if you haven't noticed, I walk pretty gimpy. I am trying to completely rest my body to heal up for what is going to be a very hard 2010 season. I spend much of my time looking at maps of the region and planning rides I am going to do once I am back on the saddle.

I get to purchase my first MABRA championship jersey! They give you one for cheap, but the rest are twice as much. I thought I should get three for cheap since I won three events, but no I only get one for cheap. I probably won't be able to afford one right now anyway with Christmas and all - plus I am trying to get money together to go to the Tour of the Bahamas in January so I have some early season form before the NRC races in California in February.

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  1. And Chuck's infected his friends on Facebook with the H1N1 v2.
    The other question is where's Chuck Hutch going this next year?

    By the way.. glad to hear you got the dura-ace pedals, now you won't have pre-release issues you had with the speedplays!