Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Dirt

This morning I rode along that dirt path between Georgetown and Great Falls. The dirt was very hard packed because it was frozen and I flew along like I was on cement. I have never ridden that trail until today, and I can't wait to explore it further. It kind of reminded me of the riding the levees in the delta between Sacramento and San Francisco back home - just much more windy and more trees. Very scenic views of the Potomac and historic land marks here and there.

It is much colder here in the DC region than it is back home in Northern California, and I have always complained I can't seem to keep my hands warm. I would switch between glove combinations, use hand warmers and even started wondering if my position was so squat that I bent my wrists to much cutting off circulation. While complaining to Derick Brochard Hall a month or so ago, he suggested I get a good vest, or keep my torso warmer and it would solve the problem with my hands. I have been taking his advice, and now I use one pair of gloves and they are thinner than any of the ones I used in combination. This winter will be much more enjoyable.

Today was day three of training for next year, or 4 if I count the 5 miles I rode on Monday, and I have been to Hains point twice. When did everyone there get so fast? I wanted to contest the sprints on Tuesday, but I am so out of shape and my derailleur wont go into my 13. Maybe if I don't fix it I will learn how to spin?

I hope it snows on Saturday and tons of guys show up for the 7am and the 10. That would be pretty epic.


  1. Dirt path? C&O Tow Path maybe?

    And you didn't look very slow at HP on Tuesday!

  2. The toepath goes for 184 miles all the way to Cumberland, PA... have at it.

  3. all that time pouring over maps and all you came up with is HP and the C&O?

  4. Right on Terry, that's good. I do HP for the workout. I did not even know the C&O existed, and it is pretty cool. I do plan on exploring around Haymarket, Whites Ferry and Sugarloaf.

  5. I flatted on the canal (getting to Chain Bridge)there on my way back to Mclean VA after Hains Point...
    When DID everyone get so fast there? I was there Tuesday and felt like I got kicked in the nutsack. I was in the mix as long as I could. Pulling on the front stretch meant sitting in on the back stretch... for me.

  6. i just got back from the 10 am. where were you?Oh..It's sunday night at 7:38pm.