Sunday, September 6, 2009

Green Mtn Stage Race TT

Time trial went well (for me). I had good legs and enjoyed that it was a TT without TT bikes. They allowed for disc wheels and areo helmets though. My 30 sec guy missed his start, but I quickly found my minute guy and almost caught him on the first climb. When it leveled out, his disc wheel kicked into action and I could just hold him. When the road had a rise again, I passed him and started working on my minute and 30 guy, who also had a disc wheel, but I never caught him. I ended with 48th out of over 120 which is good for me, I am normally in the bottom 3rd in 1, pro TT's.

The picture above is the before first sprint spot in the 1st road race. I flatted both wheels sprinting for the 2nd sprint spot in a pot hole, but still managed to get 5th. I thought I only flatted my front, got a change, chased, caught and at the base of the climb realized my back wheel was going too. The wheel change took so long that I went from thinking about catching the field to thinking about making the time cut! More to follow later....

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