Sunday, June 28, 2009

Poolesville Masters and Senior races

Did not warm up. I felt if I would be doing the Masters and the Senior race, I would have enough miles in, and I figured I would just ease into the Masters race. About a mile before the gravel section, two guys in front of me bumped and yelled at each other, so I went to the front and pulled pretty steady till the end of the gravel. When I pulled off there were 9 guys left. We rotated for a couple of laps, then on the tail wind section I took a pull and when I pulled off there were 3 guys left to include Chip Hoover and Chris Hayes and a tall Kelly guy - who is strong enough that I should get to know his name. With 2 to go, the moto told us to be ready to pass another field. When we did pass them on the rollers, I was pulling. When I was done, Chip was still with me. We rotated until I jumped him through the gravel section and rode in solo.

I wish the senior race was first. Before the race I was drinking tons of fluid and eating everything I could find. An accurate account of the race is here I was pretty fried with 20 mile left, and the fact I flatted on the 2nd lap did not help. Keck was up the road, so I had no obligation to pull through. On the last lap, I flatted AGAIN in the gravel section. Luckily they were crawling because everyone was fried so I got back pretty quick. In the last few miles, guys on the other team were attacking and we were taking turns going with them. When it was my turn, nobody pulled us in,and I was gone with 2 non Harleys. It being my second road race of the day, I was done and just holding on. I kept looking back hoping that Russ or Jose would come across because I had no sprint left. With abut 1 mile, the two guys I was with slowed and looked at each other, so I just kept the speed up they were previously going and rode in for 2nd.

These two places should put me on top of both the MABRA BARs, and although one of the former leaders of the BAR said it is just "an attendance award", I think it is pretty cool, because many people attend the races, but only a few place well enough to be in contention.


  1. BTW...nice move way left and over the centerline to get to the front....You forgot to mention that..

  2. Thanks! I am not sure which time, when, or where, but if you think it was a nice move, I do too.

  3. On first lap of 35+ - maybe 1/3 of the way after the first turn on the road down to the gravel. You know the move the ref's told us NOT to do. It was preemptive of you to avoid the crash at the entrance we all knew was coming...but I guess you weren't listening at the start or something ... Having no teammates you had to be an Army of ONE. (nice juxtaposition if I say so)

  4. There are a whole bunch of turns after the first turn and before the gravel. Most of them don't have a center line, I know - I did the course many times on Sat. I don't think you were even in the race, or you got dropped so quick you did not get a chance to learn the course. If you weren't in the race, you most likely been dropped because it takes some balls to finish a hard road race and you obviously don't have any because you post anonymously.

  5. I was road guarding at turn 5 am shift where riders turn on the gravel. you hit the turn with a guy on ur wheel last lap mayb and my teammate goes "nicely done". You then rode onto the grass. It was pretty funny for me.