Friday, May 29, 2009

Looking Forward to this Weekend

Last year at the Air Force Cyling Classic the average speed was over 29 MPH for 93 miles. Ouch!

Last year Magnus Backstedt flexed at the Clarendon Cup. Ouch!

I am lucky to be able to do these races in the Pro events. I would hate to be on the sidelines watching it and I am glad we get the invite. Word on the street is that in the road race the big pro teams are going to keep it together for a field sprint, or for a 'what's left of the' field sprint.

Battley Harley is going to look good because:
This year, we have Jonathan Page so we have a top level sprinter.
Russ is focused on these races, and he always puts on a good show.
Dave Fuentes is injury free this year and this last week his motor seems to be dialed in.

I heared DC Velo got in, that's cool - it increases the probability of locals getting in the results.

The only down side is my rear wheel situation. (in order of racing wheel preference)
Wheel 1 - Cosmic, spokes taken out at Bike Jam by a front skewer, with mavic for repair
Wheel 2 - Mavic Team CSC, spokes broke on first ride out of box, at shop being rebuilt
Wheel 3 - Ultegra, super heavy, spoke broke at Ricola, going to try to get it fixed today.
Wheel 4 - Mavic Performance, piece of junk, but it is straight and works.

See you out there!


  1. We still wanna know about the mystery bike at RFK! Good luck tomorrow.

  2. Mystery Bike = team spare bike, got built up a few days before RFK. Specialized with Sram Red and Campy wheels. I wish it was mine permanantly!

  3. Dude, I got some Mavic A119s laced to Sora hubs. They barely bend at all when I corner. I think they'd probably hold up. You aren't going to be cornering hard or nothin' on your group ride tomorrow right? So what club is NRC anyhow? I don't think I've seen 'em at Hains point.

    Ps. Good luck Chuck.

  4. Check my blog for Clarendon pics. A couple of good action shots of you.

  5. Don't forget to mention the Campagnolo Zonda Front wheel in the shop from the crash at Somerville!