Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jay's place, day 1


OK, that was fun, but ouch.

We did a 3 and a half hour ride, lots of climbing, talking and laughing - and Russ got mad at me for going nuts on every climb. He was right, but it felt good to be able to fly up the climbs this year compared to last year when I had to hold on to the truck half the time. I thought I had a 27 cog, but I only have a 25 and zig zaged up the dirt climb back to the barn. I did well on all of the short climbs, but on the long dirt climb Jeremiah showed us why he has multiple national championship jerseys and put what I think were minutes on me.

When we got back to the barn, Jay's girlfriend Audry had chili waiting - it was perfect. NCVC left us a pretty good selection of beers (thanks guys). So, full belly, beer in hand and sore legs from riding, I am in heaven.


  1. Dude went by me at fred Kelleys as though I was simply in the way on the backside climb...he had a mechanical and was way back ...he passed a lot and I think he addition to the wrecking crew...have fun in them thar hills...

    please comment

  3. I think he's road racing for Battley Harley and MTB with Monavie-Cannondale team.