Sunday, February 8, 2009

Racing starts next week! (kinda)

Well, I was going to go down to NC to do the wolf pack races, but I hadn't realized that they conflicted with the MABRA BAR party at Sonoma, so it looks like the double on Sat and Tradezone on Sun followed by supporting the folks who won that BAR.

On another note, I see that Beth Mason is coming to town to do custom soles. That is something I need, I never cramp anywhere but my arches. I wonder if soles will help. Arch cramping doesn't affect my racing like cramps that other people get - I don't feel it till after the race when I try to walk, so I guess I can live with it if custom soles are too expensive.

On even another note, been getting chances to ride with DC Velo guys - there getting pretty strong. Rumor has it that Derrik Brochard-Hall might be on their team. If so, MABRA racing will be so much fun cause that gut is a hard-core motor!


  1. I was wondering bout the Sonoma event conflicting anyway yeah mr. hall would add flava flav.

  2. Chuck! Come down and do the road race Sat, then come back and do Tradezone + some miles, then the BAR party on Sunday.