Sunday, January 4, 2009

Team ride

OK, now I am sore. Today pretty much my whole team (8 0f us and 2 others) meet at Dave Fuentes' house to do a 90mile Mt Weather loop that also included that climb up Hwy 7 that is in two parts.

Brian and I separated ourselves from everyone on the first kicker before you turn on the hwy that takes you to Mt Weather. He was tapping away pretty steady and it was a cool pace. When we swung onto the long strait up Mt Weather, I dropped my chain and had to put it back on with my hand. I hated watching him go up the road. While I was putting it back on, Ken Johnson and Dave came flying around the corner and Ken almost hit me. While I was getting back up to speed, Jose caught me. We worked together to try to catch Brian and Ken who had made contact, but could never close the gap. Ouch.

On the climb up Hwy 7, we all stayed together until the last 2k that I big ringed and went well clear of everyone. I had to cause I got punked on Mt Weather. When I asked Brian where he was when I went, he said he dropped his chain. What-ever, I really did drop mine.

All and all, it was a really good ride. I have cool teammates and there are little, if any personality conflicts. What's important is they all realize I am their King. Just kidding.

It looks like I'll be taking Tuesday of the bike cause the weather report says 'wintry mix', so easy ride tomorrow.

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