Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The balancing act

I'm sick.

For the last year and a half, my rheumatologist says I either have ankylosing spondylitis or reactive arthritis. What is certain is that my immune system gets really pissed of and lays waste to my joints, tendons, ligaments and just plain jacks me up leaving me unable to walk or even move sometimes. It plain sucks.

Good news is that the medication I have been taking for the last year works and stops my big ol' bad immune system from doing it's thing.

Bad news is that it stops my immune system from doing it's thing.

That's the trade off, I can walk, ride my bike and bend my spine, knees and ankles. Great stuff. But the lame thing is if one of my boys has a sniffle, I get a sniffle, a cough, a sore throat and a migraine.

For this reason, I hate when people don't wash their hands and such. I really don't like shaking peoples hands or sharing food or drinks, it's risky. I also rest as much as possible and have been juicing pretty religiously lately to give my immune system a chance.

Well, both my little boys got sick last week, and so did I. I took a bunch of days off and started riding again yesterday - where I did Hains Point but I went easy.

Today I decided to up it, and try to fly. I never seemed to find my rhythm and felt that I could never go real well. I was cranking the pedals and the only person seeming to hurt was me. Wow, I thought, I guess being sick really took me down this time. I even started thinking that I needed to call Fuentes and tell him I'm not riding tomorrow - I don't want to slow him down. When I was done riding, I went to my car and realized my front wheel was askew and my tire was rubbing on the fork THE WHOLE TIME! Great, I am not as slow as I was thinking I was. I just pulled the dorkiest ultra rookie move in the book, but I got a great work out.


  1. yeah my tires were at 70psi. but good ride man.

  2. SEE! When you say stuff like that it takes away what little confidence I gain by riding with you. I say "The ride was awesome, I actually hung on to Chucks wheel for a bit!" Chuck says, "Yeah, can you believe it, I was sick and my front tire was rubbing the whole time...and I still beat you!" Anyway I appreciate any little handicap I can get when it comes to keeping your wheel, but get well soon anyway.

  3. Yeah I would be sick pretty often if my immune system were compromised, since I am outdoors often and not very cogniscent of potential germ contaminents and so on.... I am always a little disturbed by germaphobes though who are not really in need of such precautions and take it to extremes, it just reminds me of uptight people that arent socially in the mainstream. the generation of hand sanitizers are annoying and anal, but if theres a real reason than I sympathize as opposed to someone who is just better then the mongrols of the world. Cheers Oh and keep an eye on the skewer. One time my friend Zach, while riding, tried to tighten his front skewer and bit it dropping down whiskey ave. above Gtwn. Duh.

  4. Yo, kick Russ off the team he makes it suck

  5. You know, gonococcal arthritis is a reactive arthritis. Watch out for that gonorrhea!! Haha!!!

  6. Interesting, I have lyme disease and the same on and off issue with extreme joint pain and stiffness. My orthopedist put me on indocin but it is way too harsh on my stomach so I just try to tough it out when it gets bad. Curious what your Doc prescribes and if its harsh on the stomach and if it can be used for lyme disease issues.