Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Found 'em

Since returning to racing, sometimes I have found it disappointing how weak I am when I think of how strong (I think) I was. I had an OK season last year, but never really found my groove - you know, where your not really hurting just tapping away at the pedals and absolutely flying. When you feel like this, training sails by and the results just happen.

I guess last year was just getting my body used to the motions and retraining it to suffer. I rode a lot of hard miles and raced often. To my surprise, I never came close to burning out, but I took about three total weeks off in October anyway.

All of the sudden... POW! I feel like old Chuck, the way I used to feel. I know it is only November, but I feel great and can't wait for the 2009 season. I love getting these base miles in and I am finally used to how cold it gets here.

So if your wondering why I am smiling now, it's because I had lost my legs and then found 'em - again.


  1. sweet..so can we safely say the next edition of the 10am will be titled.

    chucky 2.0: the dethroning of the muscle

  2. You mean last season you were racing with "lost" legs?! Since you found your "old" legs, can I borrow the ones you were using last season? Pretty please!??

  3. It's December. And you have three months before the first race. You should have taken more then three weeks in October RETARD

  4. NOTE TO SELF: Don't do 10am unless you want ass whopping of lifetime.

    this is the word i had to enter to make a comment: lymentas

    that is a funny word. i will now use it to describe things that are wacked out.

    "Chuck Hutch says he had lost legs last year. That is lymentas, don't you think?"

  5. DJ, I would loan you the my legs from last year, but I needed to exchange them for the new ones to get the rebate.

    Anonymous, will you be my coach? By the way, I love some of your songs and poetry.

    Robb, I have only done the 10am twice, and the first time I experienced the ass whoping of a lifetime - from my own teammate.