Saturday, December 13, 2008

2nd AGAIN!

This year, I was consistantly the first loser. I got 2nd at the MABRA Crit, 2nd at the VA State Crit, 2nd at the VA State road race, 2nd in the VA Omnium and now to cap things off, 2nd overall in the MABRA BAR. AGGGHHHHH!!!!! I came so close to having a jersey, but came up short by one place 5 TIMES!!! Next year. Next year. Next year.

1 213 David Fuentes Battley Harley-Davidson
2 149 Chuck Hutcheson Battley Harley-Davidson
3 109 Ken Johnson Battley Harley-Davidson
4 93 Todd Hipp Battley Harley-Davidson
5 86 Evan Fader Battley Harley-Davidson
6 75 Kenneth Young DCV/Clean Currents/Beyer Volvo
7 73 Brian Butts Battley Harley-Davidson


  1. I take from this that either the MABRA elite aren't that elite...or the Harley boys are a bunch of sandbaggers... j/k

    I guess you gotta do some more races next year..

  2. You need to race the MAC series, Chuck. It will fix the problem you're having with always coming in second.

    No need to thank me. I'm here to help.

  3. Chuck, belay my last please. I meant to say "Ride MAC *Cross*" to get over your problem with finishing second. The effort at humor failed, either due to my brain still being frozen from this AM's ride, or, there's a distinct possibility that it's because I'm an idiot. Either way, feel free to zap it, no skin off my frostbitten nose.

    Congrats on the strong finish BTW. I hope you guys do more events against the continental pro teams this year - you obviously aren't getting enough competition locally. ;-D

  4. theres no sandbaggin if u rock your cat cest la vie just deal....