Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lance watch out, Gerlach is back.

Chad Gerlach. Where do you begin?

First, before I compliment him and trash talk him I have to say that he is my friend.

This dude got chocked out by Lance at the Olympic Training Center for calling him a "fatty" - then proceeded to get kicked off the Junior Worlds Team, although second to Lance he was the strongest kid there. Chad rode for pretty much every single Pro Team in the US throughout the 90's, including Postal Service. He was the pure athlete kind of guy who could smoke you swimming across a full length pool, with a cast being held above the water on his broken arm (that really happened to me). I'm telling you, this guy was bad ass, winning stages of the Tour of Poland, Tour of China and God knows how many other races around the world and US.

Just because he sits in front of the TV chewing on his toe nails does not mean he is not smart. Getting someone else to pay for his rehab, housing and some spending money through the show 'Intervention' are just some of his many accomplishments.

Before getting clean about six months ago, Chad hasn't raced or traind for six years. That doesn't mean he gave up cycling though. He could be seen riding around on a Toy's R Us Huffy begging for money and looking for crack. I think his home was on the side of a field between a fence and some shrubs.

Word on the street is that Eddy Gragus or Gaggiolli saw him on intervention and thought he would be a great addition to there team, Amore Vita/ McDonalds - something along the lines of "we take guys who have screwed up and are making a comeback as great, clean individuals" I guess there are going to be four or five of them doing the US racing circuit.

Ironic thing, after I found this out (I actually didn't believe it at first), I got a broken up call from Chad while he was riding and the only thing I understood was something like "Tell Dave Fuentes to watch out cause I'm back and I'm going to break his ass off"

Bike racing in the U.S. just got a lot more colorful.


  1. this question has nothing to do with your post, sorry: Do you think Ryan DeWald will be able to beat Jeff Bahnson in Saturday's cross race in Lancaster? Jeff's 14 or 15 but has won every B race he's entered except for 1 (I think he finished 2nd).

  2. I think Freddy Mercury has a better chance at cross than either of these two.

  3. No doubt Chad has natural talent, but who know how much damage the "Glass Dick" has done. If he stays away from the rocks, he could win some big races. Time will tell. As for calling out your team mate, I think Fuentes asked if he was still kickin it with that nice blond girl that supplied him with the free smoke sessions

  4. Ok, I was curious about this Gerlach character. Lots of chatter out west on the web about him. I always root for the underdog, so I hope he makes a come back, unlike taking yourself out of retirement like the "fatty", its refreshing to see if someone can rally themselves despite the odds.