Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Dave

Yeah, you know who I am taking about.

I met Dave briefly at Hains Point near the end of the Summer in 2007, and by met, I really mean he came flying past me in the sprint like an Olymic runner passes a three year old. I had no ideal that this would be a common occurrence at the training races on Wednesdays - a true premonition. I had been warned by a teammate at the first Tradezone race to avoid it coming down to a sprint with him, and luckily that race came down to a break.

Greenbelt #1. I had rode the course a couple of weeks before, and decided I hated it because of that hill. I preregistered for the whole year, so I was going to do it most every week I was in town, and just deal with it. When I got there before the start of the first race I was impressed with how many people were their, and I knew then, despite that hill, this was going to be fun. When we were lined up, I remember looking around and thinking if I didn't manage to get away I would fair well in the sprint. I did manage to get away with a small group - that included Dave Osbourne. When our small group went into the sprint I thought I had it, then POP! Dave got me at the line. Where the hell did he come from!

Greenbelt #2. OK, this time the field was a little bigger - and it included Dave. I remember thinking the chances of him doing that to me twice were pretty slim, but just in case, if he was with me I was going to jump earlier and try to hold him off with a big gap. Like the first race, their was a small group of us off the front, and of course it included Dave. I felt confident, I had my plan. On the last lap, I launched real early into the sprint, and got a huge gap. One quick glance over my shoulder and I was sure I had it. Just before the line POP! Dave got me AGAIN!!! Where the hell did he come from!!

Greenbelt #3. Now I know, on this course I probably need to avoid sprinting with Dave. New plan, use everything I have to make a break succeed that does not include him. Only problem was I had just finished a pretty hard road race and an NRC Crit a few days before, so I was going to be pretty dependent on whoever was in the break with me. The break ended up being Ramone, some other strong dude and myself. I was sore to begin with and Ramone was tearing my legs off, and then suggesting for me to pull through harder/faster. I thought I was pulling through harder/faster! OK, maybe I wasn't going all out cause I was getting greedy and wanted to win our sprint. When we started sprinting, I thought I had it, then out of nowhere the front of the pack comes flying by and Dave wins. Where the hell did he come from!!!

When I was in town, I did manage to win some Greenbelts, but more often than not they ended up being some variation of 1,2 or 3. Don't get em wrong though, Dave is a really nice guy but AAARGHHH!!!! I'll get you next year Dave, NEXT Year!


  1. That closing line sounded like Dr. Claw from the Inspector Gadget cartoon.

    /me *nerd*

  2. See and here I read the title and think "What a nice brother." Oh well.

  3. Sorry David, it's about bicycle racing Dave, not about family member Dave. Don't worry, I'll get to you!